The Schoolhouse of Brockport
The Schoolhouse of Brockport

Buglets - Age 2


We welcome our Buglets to an exciting program that surrounds them with familiar faces, and fun! Their days will focus on playing safely, learning about their world, and cooperating with friends. Buglets will sing songs, play on riding toys, and engage in art projects. They will also play games, listen to stories, and explore beginner preschool activities based on the theme for the week.

Bug & Critter - Age 3 & 4


The Schoolhouse curriculum provides a variety of theme-based activities. Each week children are involved in life skill lessons, kid-friendly cooking classes, songs, academic tasks, crafts, music club, simulations, fitness activities, and games. They also join in story hours, Bug and Critter theaters, guest speaker presentations, and science labs.


Our hands-on program enhances children’s discovery and understanding of their world. Examples of theme weeks are Native Americans, pets, creative kids, laundry, staying safe, shoes, books, and camping. Special activities include fashion shows, The Holiday Muffin Shop, a trip to Kindergarten, and our end of the year Ice Cream Social. These experiences are part of their learning adventures as they simulate situations such as a grocery store, a cowboy jamboree, a space adventure, community

helper occupations, long ago chores, fire, poison and bike safety skills, customs from different countries, and many more.   


Kindergarten readiness is an important part of our routine. Beginning in April, the 4 & 5 year olds attend Kindergarten Meetings

and Kindergarten Workshops. These activities are designed to prepare your child for Kindergarten and become confident young learners.

                                                     Your child will be ready for Kindergarten before you know it!

Juniors - School Age


When our preschoolers go to Kindergarten, the Schoolhouse provides school-age care so that the children can remain in the same stable environment while attending elementary school.


The Schoolhouse Junior Program accommodates children who are in Kindergarten through fourth grade. Breakfast is served each morning, which is followed by a group activity.


In the afternoon, school-age children meet and talk about their day and have a snack. They play games, have fun on the playground, and join in crafts and projects in their classroom. Juniors also have time to do their homework and receive assistance as needed. There are theme activities planned for the days off from school, including school holidays, snow days, 1/2 days, and full weeks when school is not in session. These days are at no extra cost for those that sign up for before and after-school care.


Summer Fun

Summer is filled with summer camp-type activities and outdoor adventures. Our open enrollment policy in summer enables the children to join us as needed or as they wish. Payment is necessary only for the days your child attends. Additional information is available with our summer calendar


Summer Rates 2023


 $260 weekly

$57 daily

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